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PLEASE NOTE:  All recipes on this site are based on the old "Momentum" program. 

Welcome to the weight loss web journal of Tracie Sanderlin. 
Within this site, I will chronicle my weight loss journey with notes & pictures. 

Craig and Tracie 1-10-09
Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge photo.

In case you are new to my fight, let me explain...
I am looking for people to sponsor my weight loss.  I'm not looking for money.  I am looking for motivation, time, encouragement...maybe even bribes :). 
What you might be asking:
How does it work?  You sign up for a 5 pound block.  I then let you know when your block is coming up and you will be my coach and motivator to get through those 5 pounds. 
How much weight do you need to lose?  I want to lose 222 pounds total.
How do I know you're committed?  Check out my "about me" page for my history.
What's in it for me?  Well, knowing that you helped someone lose weight in a healthy way.  And, if you need to lose weight, we can work together.  Maybe you want to quit smoking.  You can commit to not smoking in the week(s) it takes me to lose those 5 pounds.  Let's be creative and make it fun!
Where did you get this idea?  Well, to be honest, I saw a woman on the Rachael Ray Show that was doing almost the same thing.  Also, one thing I have learned in advertising...it's all about the sponsoring.


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